International Installer

Full time Brantford, CA

Is this your job?


For you

  • The ability to explore new areas while travelling for installations across North America.
  • The opportunity to be in an ever-changing environment.
  • Building connections with new people on each new job site.

From you

  • You have professional experience in metal and/or millwork fabrication.
  • You can easily understand and fabricate using shop drawings.
  • You work with a great level of attention to detail and focus.

The International Installer (CANADA/USA) is a full time member of the EeStairs team. Their key responsibilities include travelling to job sites in Canada and the United States of America to install our products according to assigned specifications, regulations, and schedules. This position requires someone with strong technical knowledge and expertise to produce timely, high quality, and accurate results. The ideal candidate benefits from both an analytical and creative mind. They are an inquisitive critical thinker and self-starter with a strong spatial imagination and creative problem solving ability. Their experience level has prepared them to negotiate abstract concepts, systems, and ideas.

Katelyn Barich

Marketing Coordinator / Inside Sales

This is what your day could look like

At EeStairs you work in your own way, a way that suits you.

7:30 You arrive at our facility in Brantford and start your day.
12:30 Time for a well deserved break.
16.30 Work is done!

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What we do?

We work as a team

We need everyone to bring our projects to a successful conclusion.

We help eachother

We believe is sharing our knowledge. We steer each other in the right direction by sharing our experiences and together you achieve much more.

We take time to relax

We believe that we should work in a stress-free environment. We try everything in our power to ensure that everyone goes home with a pleasant feeling at the end of each working day.

We make beautiful stairs

See some impressive results below.

Samsung Experience Store, Eaton Centre, Toronto [CA]
Hudson Yards, New York [US]
Bata Shoe Factory, Batawa, Ontario [CA]

Personal characteristics:

You are consistent, efficient and adequate.


Can I help you?

Katelyn Barich

Marketing Coordinator / Inside Sales


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